Thursday, December 22, 2011 Unemployment

www Unemployment

www Unemployment allows users to log in on the very

sought after Chase website. It's like they get absolute rockstar status as far as

users go. You can register to use the services at the mighty Chase website.

It's just awesome. Just think about it who wouldn't want to be a rockstar.

www Unemployment isn't just a one trick pony. I'm

sure Chase and company would love for me to use other terminology when

discribing thier service. You know so what. It's my party and you know the

rest. You can enroll now and take advantage of all the Chase benefits and

financial products. Come on don't be shy. Step right up the Chase machine

and take a spin, swing or try. Heck you know what I mean.

www Unemployment will keep you in the loop. With

Chase you will never have to worry about where you stand. Just call em,

email em, tweet em, send a pinguin. Okay maybe the last one went a tad bit

over board. Just disregard that. What you really need to do is stop procrastinating

and get your butt over to the Chase sight and see what I am talking about.

It's simple as that. One Two Three. Anyway get over there ASAP. Here's

the link. Unemployment

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  1. Harder than hell to find a number to call Chase bank and unemployment from their website.

    Did not receive MY initial debit card in Feb.
    Lucky enough, I was already back to work by then.

    Laid off again this summer.
    Still fighting to get a debit card to claim MY funds.

    Chase PROMISED I would have card no later than Sept 17. Did not arrive then or Sept 18th.

    Chase blames USPS and my apartment building ..... no other problem getting 1st class mail at this address in over 10 years.

    Plus.... no other way to claim funds at the bank or thru NYS unemployment.

    ....and as hard as it is to get thru...... using up all MY limited cell phone minutes.....
    cannot get a phone number to call them back directly.